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Miss H is a unique individual.  It is very difficult for her NOT to smile.  Her mom and I had a fun time laughing at her attempts to keep a serious expression.  She did get the hang of it eventually, though.  She’s just such a naturally happy person, that it is very natural for her to smile and laugh. Enjoy!

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an interlude…

I am hoping to post a preview tomorrow of one of my favorite seniors…thanks for your patience.  But today I am going to do something that I almost NEVER do.  I am going to post a photo SOOC (straight out of camera).  I edit just about every photo that I get my hands on, so for me to have a photo that I love this much without any changes is pretty amazing.

A few weeks ago, I attended an event at the Salt Lake City Public Library.  It is an awesome building, and I have been inside during the day, but never at night.  My sister and I were coming out of the event just a little while after the main area of the library had closed.  It was dark outside and all the little shops were closed up and dark as well.  The lighting was really cool and I knew I needed to stop and catch a photo of it.  This is really my first try at architecture photography.  I tried editing it, but I actually prefer the yellow, glowy cast to it in the color version.

Of course, I did have to try it in black and white.  I am loving this version, too.

So what did I learn?  Even when an event is over, there might still be an amazing photo op right outside.


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