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We have baby on the brain at my house.  I am just over 5 weeks away from having one of those little warm loaf-of-bread bundles.

And this one is a boy.  Following two sisters, he will have plenty of people bossing him around.

My girls are excited to have a brother, though a little apprehensive.  A couple weeks ago I had this conversation in the car with my older daughter:

A: Tell me about having a brother, mom…’cause, you have 2, you know all about it.

Me:  Well, at first he won’t do much (launches into discussion about how newborns don’t do much more than eat, sleep, cry, and fill diapers)

A (interrupting):  Well, the thing I’m most worried about is Bionicles.  I’m just not that fond…

This was followed by an explanation that babies don’t use legos of any type, let alone Bionicles.

I have a feeling we are in for a fun ride with number 3!


Here are a few shots of a little baby…she was born at the end of August and was just so sweet for her session:




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