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a revival…

Welcome to the revival of the photography blog!  I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted last…ugh!  Has it really been that long?  Time really flies!

I am making some changes around here, which is partly why I’ve been so conspicuously absent from posting.  You see, I am working on a new blog and website and I kept thinking I would save the photos I’ve been taking until that is ready.  It’s taking longer than I expected, though, so I’ve decided to come back here.  When the new website is ready, we’ll all make the change together, instead of my falling off the face of the earth.  I’m making some changes to my brand, too, so you’ll start seeing a new logo on my photos.  It’s different, and I love it!  I hope you’ll like it too.  You might also have noticed the gallery page that I’ve added…I’ll be posting favorites there, as well as in the previews.  There will be other changes coming, too, but I’ll announce those as they come.  Make sure you stop by often to see what’s happening!
A few weeks ago, we found this little guy while out on a shoot.  I’ve noticed these caterpillars before, but have no idea what they are!  I love how bright and fuzzy they are…they’re usually nice and big too!  I wonder if they hibernate through the winter and then emerge in the spring as something amazing!

I love fall!  I love the cooling temperatures and the colorful leaves.  More changes.  By the way, if you are hoping to get the autumn leaves in your family photos, don’t wait too long!  Call or email me to schedule a session before the gorgeous colors fade!

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