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…here are a few photos from a wedding formals shoot a couple weeks ago.




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I was waiting at the library on a late Saturday afternoon.  It was snowing outside (finally!), and people were coming in and out.  Returning books, checking out books, shaking the wetness from their coats as they entered from the street.  Each time the door would open, a chilly blast of air would announce the arrival or departure of a library patron.  They were college students, families, young and old.  As I stood there, an elderly man walked out of the main library.  He had a beard and a yellow parka.  There was a spring in his step as he strode through the library foyer.  He stopped and looked at me.

“I couldn’t find the unicorns,” he said.  “I’m going to go look in the lake.”

Then, without waiting for any response from me, he headed straight out the door into the rain and snow.

It was so random.  I’m glad he didn’t want a response from me, because I had nothing.


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I don’t know how winter is in your neck of the woods, but here it is no snow, bright blue skies…it looks like it should be November instead of January.  The other day, outside beckoned.  It was gorgeous!  My kindergartener and I decided it was time to get out and take a walk.  We decided that the park would be best, so we loaded baby into the car and off we went.  As we pulled into the parking lot I glanced at the temperature reading on my dashboard.  24 degrees.  Really cold.  We were there, though, so I thought I would see how long we lasted.  The baby was bundled up well and snuggled into his carseat.  My daughter had on her warm winter coat.  I knew I would warm up once I got moving.

We made it once around the track.  If there had been a path back to the parking lot halfway around, we would have taken it.  My daughter and I agreed that hot cocoa was in order.

After loading back into the car we made the short trip home.  We passed a small farm with a few cows and horses out in the freezing cold.  After a moment my daughter asked, “Mom, how come animals are outside when it is so cold?”

I explained that the animals in our area have coats of fur to keep them warm in the winter.  We talked about animals that have hair/fur and started naming animals that don’t have hair.  Snakes and lizards came up first, then (from the back) “alligators and crocodiles…they don’t have fur!”

Me:  That’s right!  Do you think alligators and crocodiles would be able to live around here?

R:  “No….except the dead ones.”

Photos from when it was slightly warmer…still too cold for alligators or crocodiles though.  Except the dead ones.

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We have baby on the brain at my house.  I am just over 5 weeks away from having one of those little warm loaf-of-bread bundles.

And this one is a boy.  Following two sisters, he will have plenty of people bossing him around.

My girls are excited to have a brother, though a little apprehensive.  A couple weeks ago I had this conversation in the car with my older daughter:

A: Tell me about having a brother, mom…’cause, you have 2, you know all about it.

Me:  Well, at first he won’t do much (launches into discussion about how newborns don’t do much more than eat, sleep, cry, and fill diapers)

A (interrupting):  Well, the thing I’m most worried about is Bionicles.  I’m just not that fond…

This was followed by an explanation that babies don’t use legos of any type, let alone Bionicles.

I have a feeling we are in for a fun ride with number 3!


Here are a few shots of a little baby…she was born at the end of August and was just so sweet for her session:




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I got together with these two cute girls (and their mom) for some photos not long ago…we had fun, even though J was trying hard not to smile.  We finally had to give up on her for the day, but baby sister G gave us plenty of smiles and laughs!

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About a week ago I met up with the S family to do some family photos…we were on a tight schedule, and had already rescheduled this session once due to a crazy thunder-and-rain-storm the night before.  We were all hoping and praying that we wouldn’t get dumped on, but about 30 minutes into the session, the sky split into roaring thunder and a drenching downpour.  Luckily for us, our location had a little bit of shelter from the rain, so we decided to wait it out.  While we were waiting I was able to snap some candid shots and get to know this terrific family better.  It was fun to see them interacting with each other, especially since there is a pretty broad range of ages amongst the kids.  Finally the rain cleared and we got more photos taken before it poured again.  It was definitely one of my most memorable family sessions…and not just because of the rain!

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Spring and the beginning of summer bring so many changes…new plants peeking through the ground, beautiful flowers blooming, and a new crop of high school graduates, ready for their post-high-school-life to start!  I met with Miss M back in February to do a photo session in the middle of a bleak and very long winter.  A few weeks ago she decided she wanted some spring portraits as well, so we got together to take some photos of her in the spring weather.  The clouds were threatening a downpour at any minute throughout the shoot, but we managed to finish up just as the first drops began to fall.  She wanted some photos in her cap and gown, so we headed over to the high school (which is my alma mater as well as hers) to get some parting evidence of her life there.  Ahhh, the memories!  She’s ready to move on though.  And I know she will succeed in anything she puts her mind to!

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As a side note, I tried a little bit of a different editing technique with these and pulled back on the colors quite a bit.  A definite departure from what I have usually done, but I like the result!  I hope you all do, too.

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