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That title makes it sound like I’ve been laid up with the plague or something.  I promise that isn’t the case.  Things have been super busy around my house with the beginning of school, ending of summer, Blue Lily workshop (which deserves its own special post and it will get its own special post), photo shoots, special photo projects…you get the idea.  And in the middle of all that, I got stung by a bee.  You might be thinking, “oh, wah for you…” BUT…I am allergic to bee stings.  Not as in fall over and die allergic, but swell up and be uncomfortable allergic.  So for about a week and a half I had one foot that was bigger than the other.  It was really not so awesome.  But it could have been worse.  Excuses, excuses…where is this leading?  I guess I just am trying to make up for the fact that I haven’t posted any photos for a while…

One of my main projects over the past couple months has been a flow photo for a local athlete.  She can perform a flip throw in, which is not very common, and she and her parents wanted to get a flow photo, or a photo composed of many images, of her performing this difficult soccer move.  I had never done anything like this before, so when they asked if I could make this flow photo for them I was excited to take on the project.  It was a great learning project for me and I am so pleased with how it turned out.  I was so glad they gave me permission to share it with you!  (Click on the image for a better view.)

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